Burnout is an epidemic. People everywhere are running on empty and not giving themselves any time to refuel and replenish! Not only is this an uncomfortable way to live, but it can have damaging effects on your health.

Today I’m talking about adaptogens and how to use them to help recover from burnout. It’s important to note that you have to use them in combination with giving yourself time to pause! These tools can be magical, but only when you are also doing the right things for your body, like getting enough sleep and eating well. The role of adaptogens is not to allow you to not hit the pause button – they are to help you heal when you have hit the pause button and to give you a little extra support during those times when you just can’t. 

Listen in to learn what causes overwhelm, how we go from burnout to breakdown, and what adaptogens and supplements can do to help.


Show Notes:

  • What is burnout
  • The different ways burnout can express itself
  • Why my new book focuses on adrenals
  • Why we are on overload
  • What causes overwhelm
  • How to deal with adrenal stress using adaptogens
  • What happens when you go from burnout to breakdown
  • What adaptogens do
  • How to start refueling yourself
  • What adaptogens to add when
  • What I put in my Replenish supplements
  • Why we need to give ourselves permission to pause

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  1. This episode of Natural MD Radio gives such a wonderful overview of the difference between adrenal overdrive and burnout, and herbs that are most appropriate for those different times. It is great for women to understand that not ALL adaptogen herbs are appropriate for their unique situation. And I learned some extra tips to incorporate into my practice! Thank you for another informative and caring talk.
    -Dr. N. Rush, ND – London, Ontario, CA

    • Thanks Dr Rush! We’re so glad you enjoyed it and found it clinically useful!
      Amanda (APRN on Dr Romm’s team)

  2. Thank you! Purchased your book and I love it.
    Can you take a low dose of GABA 100mg in pregnancy as needed for anxiety?
    Also can you take your adrena soothe in pregnancy for stress and anxiety?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Jennifer, I don’t recommend adrenal supplements for during pregnancy. Or GABA either. Magnesium, a probiotic, and meditation, for example, are safer options -and working with someone who can support you with safe prenatal anti-anxiety supplements. I’ll write more on this in a blog soon as a lot of women are asking about anxiety and stress in pregnancy. See my blog on depression in pregnancy as many of the suggestions can also be helpful.
      Warmly, Aviva

  3. Hi Aviva,
    Thanks so much for sharing this podcast, it was really helpful in giving background info on how adaptogens work. I’ve been on the hunt for a good blend of adaptogens to help with managing my stress/ waking up in the night. I plan on ordering the nourish to begin, but I’m wondering if adaptogens such as as the ones featured in your new line are safe to take with other hormone balancing supplements, such as fembalance, which has vitex and black cohash. Also wondering if its fine that both have motherwort in them too. Thank you!


  4. Hi! I just listened to this podcast today and am reading about the tinctures. I am interested in both the Soothe and Nourish products. Can they be taken together? Are these good for long-term use?

    Thank you!

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