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Hashimoto’s • Chronic Overwhelm • Fatigue • Brain Fog • Hormone Imbalances • Anxiety or Depression • Stubborn Weight • Poor Sleep • Adrenal fatigue • Chronic Disease

If you’re struggling with any of these, then this book is for you. Through Root Cause personal assessments The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution teaches you to easily identify your personal root causes of these symptoms and guides you through a natural 5-Step drug-free protocol to reverse them in as little as two weeks!

Get your copy and let’s get you started on this groundbreaking action plan, written by a woman MD, for women,  that has already helped thousands of women transform their health and feel at home in their body again.


Botanical Medicine for Women’s Health     

Winner, American Botanical Council’s James Duke Excellence in Botanical Literature Award!




Botanical Medicine for Women’s Health is an evidence-based book that blends the art and science of women’s health, botanical medicine, and conventional medicine from my perspective as an herbalist-midwife-MD, with contributions from expert colleagues.


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Naturally Healthy Babies and Children









I wrote this book in the 1980s when I was in my 20’s and my own children were small. Like my midwifery clients, I wanted my children to enjoy excellent health and didn’t want to expose them to unnecessary medical interventions if and when they did get sick. Foreword by Dr. William Sears


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The Natural Pregnancy Book










As a pregnant momma I had so many questions — how to eat naturally and meet my baby’s needs, which herbs and supplements are safe for nausea, restless legs, and other concerns, how to prepare for birth, what about sex during pregnancy….you name it. I found these answers for myself, and the women I was midwife to. Foreword by Ina May Gaskin

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Natural Health After Birth


Natural Health After Birth Aviva Romm






I remember well how lovely — and emotionally tumultuous — those first days, weeks, and months as a new momma can be, whether it’s your first baby or your fourth!

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Vaccinations: A Thoughtful Parent’s Guide






Deciding whether or when to vaccinate is one of the most important–and stressful—health-care decisions you have to make. Like many parents you are probably confused and concerned about vaccine safety, whether, when, and how to give vaccines, and don’t know what information to rely on for answers.

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ADHD Alternatives


ADHD Alternatives by Aviva Romm






I wrote this book with my husband, Tracy Romm EdD, a former high school teacher/principal. We were growing increasingly appalled at the growing numbers of kids who were being diagnosed with ADHD.

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