Fear to Freedom, Perfectionism to Peace

Adrenal imbalances can impact your whole outlook on life, career, love and health. And make you drive yourself nuts with perfectionism. Don't let stress, overwhelm, and old stories stop you from living your precious life. 


The Online Program

Learn how past adaptive 'survival' patterns may now be maladaptive and sabotaging your best plans today.

Ever wonder why you feel negative even when you’re trying hard to have faith in the universe, you fear that if something good happens something bad will follow, or you secretly worry that you’ll never have the abundance, love or career of your dreams even though you’re doing your mantras & meditation? 

Being stuck in survival mode can sabotage your intentions and your health. Learn how to shift into a life that sustains your dreams and heal your body to sustain your wellness. and join me for a game changing conversation about fear, freedom, and adrenal fatigue.

The Fear to Freedom Solution™

Transform these patterns so you can live with more inner peace and security, and do so with heart, humor, and self compassion.

Finally, understand adrenal stress and how it shifts not only our health, but our mindset toward a 'negativity bias.'

  • 2.5 hours of training to use at your own pace.
  • Lifelong access to downloadable video and daily guidance & worksheets. 
  • Clear direction on how to overcome old patterns and limitations
  • Tools to changing your mindset so you can start to feel how you really want to feel.

  • Daily tools to help you resolve patterns that no longer help you, and get your life rhythm back in balance – a key to adrenal and thyroid health.
  • A live FB club as part of purchasing the book to support you on your personal journey. 

In This Program You'll Receive:

Looking to make shifts happen in your life? Let me do help you do the heavy lifting.

Reinvent yourself, at any age, and use past patterns as powerful springboards to self-understanding, compassion, and success.

I'll guide you through the process of resetting your adrenal stress response from fear - to freedom! Get out of burnout, anxiety, and perfectionism and start living your dreams.

Finally!!!!! Someone understands!! Thank you!! ~KL

"As a mother of four small children, I find myself taking care of everyone else first and never finding time to take care of myself. Dr. Aviva gives all of us busy women permission to pause; to take time to nurture and replenish our own emotional, mental, and physical stores. And in doing so, everyone around us benefits too! Also, her words about learning to overcome perfectionism, approval addiction, worry, and scarcity thinking were truly enlightening." ~KK.

What Women Are Saying...

"Through [Aviva’s] writing, I began to accept that I had a right to take care of myself and to not feel guilty about it.  I felt supported. Aviva's work and contributions to women have helped me heal, inspired me to respect my intuition and my voice, and to follow my own path." ~JT

Dr. Aviva Romm has been inspiring women to transform their lives for 3 decades. Learn what she has to offer from helping thousands of women take back their lives.

With The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution, Dr. Romm guides readers on a profound journey of transformational healing. Not only do we realize that our fears are misguided but further, Dr. Romm reveals a clear path to leaving our symptoms behind and living to our highest potential.” Gabrielle Bernstein, #1 New York Times bestseller 

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