Natural MD Radio: From Fear to Freedom

“The part that takes the work is, when you’re in that emotional rollercoaster, when you’re on that thought tidal wave, is catching it.” – Aviva Romm

I used to believe that for every good thing that happened to me, something bad had to happen as well to even it out, like a universal balancing system. Every time something good was going to happen, I always thought to myself, “What will the payback be?”

Today I want to honor this fear that women in particular live with, and talk about why it’s not necessarily an irrational one to have. In my years of experience working with and talking to women, I have learned that lots of women live with this fear, often for a long time.

Listen in as I talk about why we have this fear, acknowledge that you’re not crazy for having it, and how to shift out of this kind of thinking.

Show Notes:

  • How fear keeps you from taking risk
  • Why this fear is a symptom of being stuck in survival mode
  • The role of the amygdala in this fear
  • How your brain remembers threats
  • Where I learned that good things weren’t actually good
  • How negative emotions get attached to positive emotions
  • Why your brain becomes alert to traumatic events
  • What happens when we go into fight or flight mode
  • What is intuition
  • How to get out of this fear
  • What is neuroplasticity
  • The importance of being aware of your feelings
  • How to use cognitive disruption
  • Why I love taking deep breaths
  • The value of journaling
  • How to practice forgiveness

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Leona W.

This was an excellent podcast! You brought clarity to an issue that I have struggled with as well. Thank you!!