Replenish Supplement Dispensary

Because sometimes we need a little extra support.

“Much of the modern illness we face is a reflection of life out of balance with nature, with daily rhythms, with ourselves. To restore balance is to return to ourselves, and this is the beginning of healing.”

Welcome to my complete online supplement and herbal dispensary. I have provided easy access to those supplements that I use in my home and my practice, solely for your ease and convenience. Any purchases you make are not fulfilled by Aviva Romm Enterprises, but are directly with the companies on this page – Herb Pharm and Fullscript. Please therefore follow up with all orders you make with the respective companies.

While I fully incorporate supplements and herbal medicines into my personal health and medical practice, and also support the ability of each of us to provide basic self care for ourselves and families, it is essential to make sure that you are getting appropriate assessment and care for all symptoms and medical conditions, and do not use supplements and herbs in lieu of appropriate health care. Further, any individual can have an idiosyncratic reaction to any substance – even natural supplements. We cannot be responsible for any choices you make, or purchases, and urge you to use the same caution with any herbal or nutritional supplements you’d use with any medications. All supplement information is provided here for your education only.

An Amazing Collaboration Bringing You the Best in Herbal Medicine.

So many women today feel overwhelmed, frustrated by the health care system, and confused by the array of alternatives and supplements. What’s more, many of you are paying with your health.We get it. So we’re doing something about it. I have teamed up with my friends at Herb Pharm, a company I’ve trusted for over 30 years, to bring you a new line of women’s herbal products you can personalize to take control of your health. And we’re starting with the adrenals.

Adrena Uplift

A calming adaptogen blend to replenish the adrenals and counteract the effects of an overwhelmed stress response system. It helps you regain the natural balance that supports your overall wellness.

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Adrena Nourish

An adaptogen blend created to be your daily adrenal support. We designed it to optimize a regular, healthy stress response. It supports key systems that allow you to maintain resilience and wellbeing.

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Adrena Soothe

An adaptogen blend that promotes focus, stamina, and a healthy stress response. It invigorates and optimizes the adrenal system. This energizing blend provides a fortifying boost when you need it most.

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More self care for you and your family.

In this collaboration with Fullscript, and online supplement dispensary, you will find a comprehensive selection of many of the products I use for my own family and friends, and in my practice. I have chosen to provide these supplements through Fullscript because of their wide inventory meets most basic health needs, and they are also committed to quality and affordability. They guarantee products that are properly refrigerated & packaged and shipped for your safety and non-counterfeit products, a promise not all online distributors can make.

To visit my complete formulary click on any of the images below and you will find products for all of a woman’s life cycles, common health concerns, and children’s health as well, because as mom I know your children’s health is one of your primary concerns.

Supplement Safety

While natural supplements can provide many health benefits, just because something is natural doesn’t mean it’s safe. Also, while adverse reactions are rare, they can occur in anyone—even to a supplement that doesn’t cause reactions in most people. Therefore, having some guidelines for safe use is important. Before you start any supplement here are key safety rules:

  • Don’t start supplements if you’re on prescription medications without the guidance of a licensed primary-care provider, preferably the one prescribing those medications. Not all herbs, supplements, and medications go well together.
  • More is not better: do not exceed the daily doses or length of time for use
  • If you develop a rash, nausea, headache, or any other new symptom within a few days of starting a supplement, with no other explanation for the symptom, discontinue the supplement.
  • I do not recommend the use of supplements in this program in pregnancy unless otherwise specified for specific nutrients. Unless otherwise specified,many are safe as directed while breast-feeding, but use at your own discretion or the advice of your midwife or doctor, and if you notice any changes in your baby’s digestion, a rash develops, or you notice any other symptom after starting a supplement, discontinue takingthat supplement.
  • Use only reliable supplements.

Disclaimer:  The statements on this page and on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.