Natural Medicine Chest for Kids’ Super Immunity

Do you wonder what you need to have on hand to keep your kids healthy all year? Have you ever run into a situation where your little one has a cough, fever, or earache late at night after the stores are closed, and you just wished you had the right remedies in your medicine cabinet or pantry?

This natural home medicine checklist, with this accompanying FREE downloadable PDF from my course Healthy All Year, contains the remedies that you are likely to find in other articles on my website, that help you troubleshoot common kids' conditions like colds, ear infections, coughs, fever, and more. I also include the basic kitchen supplies you'll want to have on-hand if you plan to make your own remedies from the course or my  Herbal Medicines for Kids ebook, which is also free.

Remember to keep all herbal medicines safely stored out of reach of children. Wondering where to purchase these supplies? Try Mountain Rose Herbs for the loose (bulk) herb products, and my go-to companies, Herb Pharm and Gaia Herbs for the tinctures, extracts, syrups, and oils. I recommend keeping 2 ounces of the bulk herbs in stock at home, and 1-2 oz. of the liquid extracts/tinctures. A half oz. of the essential oils is plenty. Stored out of direct sunlight and away from heat, the dried herbs last for a couple of years, the tinctures 3-5 years, and the oils 1-2 years.

Kitchen Supplies You’ll Need for Making Basic Herbal Preparations

  • Tea kettle and a wire mesh tea strainer OR Tea kettle and a FRENCH PRESS (makes tea prep SO easy!)
  • Wooden cutting board
  • Vegetable grater
  • 2 quart stainless steel or glass pot
  • Measuring spoons
  • A few mason jars in 1 pint (= 2 cups, 16 oz, or 400 ml) and 1 quart sizes

Dried Herbs (for making teas)

  • Anise or fennel seeds (for cough)
  • Catnip (for fever, restlessness)
  • Chamomile (for tummy aches, fever, restlessness, irritability)
  • Cinnamon powder (for tummy aches, gas, and diarrhea)
  • Elder flowers (for fever, combine with spearmint or peppermint)
  • Lemon balm (for fever, fussiness, restlessness)
  • Licorice root (for sore throat and cough)
  • Marshmallow root (for dry cough)
  • Peppermint leaves (or spearmint) (for tummy troubles, gas, and to combine with other herbs for flavor)
  • Slippery elm powder (for constipation)

Herbal Tinctures/Extracts

  • Echinacea tincture and glycerite (for cold, flu, and general respiratory infection prevention)
  • Black Elderberry syrup (for flu)
  • Herb Pharm Children’s Herbal (calming and for use in fevers)
  • Planetary Formulas Calm Child Formula or Gaia Kids Calm and Restore (calming, helps with sleep)
  • Herb Pharm Echinacea Goldenseal Tincture (for respiratory infection)
  • Herb Pharm Children’s Winter Health (for cold prevention, cough)

Herbal Oils

For topical (external) use only.

  • Garlic-mullein earache oil (for earache, ear infection)
  • Mentholated chest rub (for cough, use only as directed on the package, never on the face!)
  • Lavender essential oil (for headache, anxiety, and to make a soothing bath)
  • Thyme essential oil (for vapor steams for cough)
  • Peppermint essential oil (for headache, fever)

Fridge and Pantry Supplies

  • Raw organic honey (for cough, babies over 1 year old only)
  • Sea salt (throat gargle)
  • Fresh ginger root (fever, tummy ache, gas, cough)
  • Fresh lemons (for flavor in teas, for garlic-honey-lemonade for cough)
  • Fresh garlic (for garlic-honey-lemonade for cough)

Nutritional Supplements

  • Zinc lozenges (immune boosting, prevents respiratory infections, shortens colds and coughs)
  • Vitamin D3 (immune boosting, prevents respiratory infections)
  • Vitamin C (immune boosting, prevents respiratory infections)
  • Probiotic (immune boosting, prevents respiratory infections)
  • NAC (prevents ear infections, helps resolve fluid in the ear)

Want to learn how to use all of these remedies in detail? I'd love to teach you! Join me in my course, Healthy All Year, where I teach you how to safely, effectively, and affordably use natural remedies to prevent and treat common children's infections. You'll feel more confident and at ease knowing when and how to use these, and also when it's time to go to the doctor. You'll be able to use less medication with your children, and spend less unnecessary time in the doctor's office!

Have questions about natural remedies for kids? Love to help you! Let's chat in the comments section below!!!

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GREAT learn! And the NAC for ears I will have try.

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Hi there! Thank you so much for this information! Wondering how much NAC is safe for children and if it should be used as a preventative or only a remedy? Thanks again!

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    Depending on your child's age, anywhere from 300 to 900 mg, 1-3 times daily.

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      Joana Souza

      Hello Aviva it is safe for a 16 months childreen? She had 4 otites e 4 months. Can i buy it online? Thank you

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        Megan Liebmann

        Hi Joana, Thank you for your message and I am sorry to hear that your little one is struggling with otitis. If you go to Aviva's site and do a search for otitis, you will find two videos that Aviva created as well as a few other blogs on this subject. I think you will find them incredibly helpful! Warm wishes, Megan- Aviva Romm’s Executive Assistant and Online Nutrition Expert

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          Joana Souza

          Hi Megan! Thank you :-). I've read it all. I'm already following some of Aviva's advices. I bought her book Naturally Healthy Babies and Children too, I'm waiting. After 4 antibiotics, i'm really determined to find other ways to keep my little one healthy. I'm thinking also to join the online course HEALTHY ALL YEAR! Thank you for all good information you share here on Aviva's website, it's priceless. *** Joana

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Wondering what brand of essential oils you recommend for kids/adults?

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    Hi Alea, I don't usually recommend a specific brand - in my practice I use professional grade EOs, and usually only topically.

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Ramya Arun Pai

Does Lavender oil have any effect on puberty? I didn't get a definite answer for this from your article regarding precocious puberty.

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Should infants under 1 get elderberry syrup without the honey in it? What do you recommend? I make my own from dried berries so I guess I could skip the step of adding honey. Thanks!

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    Megan Liebmann

    Hi Emily, Yes! You want to avoid honey in children under 1!! Warmly, Megan-Aviva Romm’s Executive Assistant and Online Nutrition Expert

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      Thanks, Megan. I don't know if my reply went through or not so I'll ask again in case. If I just make the elderberry juice from water and the berries - how would I dose that for a 6-12 month old? Do you know the amount and frequency per day for maintenance and for cold/flu symptoms? Thank you so much!! xo -Emily

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Hi, I was reading about elderberry syrup recipe that you posted and was curious... are there any long term side effects? I was reading online that you shouldn't use it long term, but there was no clarity on how long is too long and how to use it? I'm trying this for my son who tends to come down with an ear infection and flu's every 3 months which causes febrile seizure. So I thought I try this to boost his immune system. Thanks, Jas

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    Some cautions apply for those with autoimmune conditions and daily use, but I don't usually recommend it for daily use - mor eas needed. IT's not beneficial for preventing febrile seizures - I'd recommend checking out my kids' course Healthy All Year for the best immune boosting plan! :)

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How do you suggest administering NAC to children? It comes in rather large capsules, and is absolutely horrific to the taste as a powder if I open the capsule. I would appreciate any suggestions from Dr. Aviva or her community!

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    Aviva Romm

    liquid formulations are available - or buried in smoothies, apple sauce, jam, yogurt. it's tough...

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Jacqueline Riley

At what age is it safe to start using all of these remedies? I have an 8 month old baby. Can she start using these remedies at this age, along with the many remedies you recommend in your book, "Naturally Healthy Babies and Children"?

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    Aviva Romm

    Hi Jacqueline, As long as baby is also getting an appropriate diagnosis when needed, yes. I used these remedies in my own kids when 3 months old and over, and continue to do so today un my medical practice. :)

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Hi Aviva my son is 3.8 yrs old and he weighs 38lbs... I want to start giving him zinc and vitamin C substitute.. can you please tell me how much to give him daily? And I want to know where I can find them? And which brand to use?

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    Aviva Romm

    Hi Ramya, This link will take you to a dosing chart for zinc by age. You can then link over the the Vitamin C article on the same site. You can use this link to learn more about the brands I use in my courses and practice. There's no charge for setting up an account and browsing around.