Natural MD Radio: Sleeping With Big Soda

” It's pretty clear that we have a broken food system”- Anahad O’Connor

The truth about big soda companies being in bed with the organizations that are supposed to guide and protect our health has been bubbling up in the news, and today I'm shaking that soda can and popping off the lid. I’m speaking with New York Times consumer health reporter, Anahad O’Connor, who boldly and articulately writes about nutrition, chronic disease, obesity, and the food industry. Anahad’s articles always speak to me and are educating the public from a very big platform (The NYT) about the truth in health and the food industry. Today we're talking about the impact of Big Soda on health and political organizations, the food industry and information manipulation, and what we can all do about it in our own lives so we're not the victims of a system that is catapulting our nation – and with it us and our children – into a crisis of chronic disease. Join me here for a not-to-be-missed conversation.

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Show Notes:

  • How big food has so much power
  • Why different agendas are affecting dietary guidelines
  • The power of soda taxes

“[Obesity] is a crisis that is threatening to bankrupt the country.” – Anahad O’Connor

  • Why juice can be just as dangerous as soda
  • What a “health halo” is
  • How to be your own citizen scientist
  • Why Anahad takes a Mediterranean approach to his diet

Anahad's 3 foods to avoid:

    1. Trans fats
    2. Added sugars
    3. Fake ingredients

Links Mentioned:

“I think for the average American who doesn’t have the time or effort to really dive into the research or to make this a full time hobby or passion, you really should be focusing on eating real food.” – Anahad O’Connor

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This is appalling. This is just as bad as the corruption within the CDC, who have been bought by Pharma. I pray America will open their eyes and see what is happening in this country. It's unreal! It's time for people to clean house in our govt and take their health back in their own hands.


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Thank you Aviva for featuring Anahad and his work!! I loved his article from the NY Times and shared it with many.