Alisa Vitti


“The whole purpose of the cycle is to create continuous change, to create forward momentum in your life.”

–  Alisa Vitti

Today I’m talking to the “Queen of Periods,”the founder of, a virtual health center that has been treating and supporting women in their hormonal health. and the bestselling author of WomanCode, Alisa Vitti. Alisa is a friend, colleague, and all around powerhouse. Alisa also just launched My Flo, a period tracker designed to fix symptoms and help women schedule their lives according to their cycles.


Show Notes:

  • How Alisa became a citizen scientist
  • The gap between knowledge and diagnoses
  • What is the FLO model
  • How your body creates opportunities for you
  • What yours symptoms have to say
  • The holistic cycle of your body and life
  • Why Alisa created the MyFlo app and how it can help you

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