Natural MD Radio: Pilar Gerasimo – Why You Need to Unplug Every 90 Minutes

We all have rhythms and cycles, but most of us are not living by the ones that nature uses to guide our

Pilar Gerasimo on Natural MD Radio with Aviva Rommbodies. Circadian rhythms are one example, and feature a great deal in my book The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution, because cortisol, one of the Stress Response hormones, follows a Circadian rhythm,

Today I’m talking about a completely different kind of rhythm that my guest, Pilar Gerasimo, says you may have never heard of. Working with this biological rhythm can transform your experience of your work life, your day, your happiness, and give you more satisfaction, focus, and concentration. It can also help you to reset your Cortisol rhythm.

Pilar is not only a very close colleague but also a dear friend with whom I love to discuss science, health politics, and being an aligned woman. We talk a lot about how to not just strive, but thrive in ourselves. Pilar’s life mission is to help people make sense of the confusing overabundance of information that can often turn into a cacophony. Join me here to listen to us chat about a simple daily change you can make, that can lead to profound health improvements.

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“They’re rhythms of being energized and de-energized, being productive and needing to recover.” – Pilar Gerasimo

Show Notes:

  • What is the ultradian rhythm
  • Why we tend to fight our natural cycles
  • How to know when you need a break
  • What you lose when you don’t take breaks
  • How to build yourself back up

“We can more readily take breaks than we think we can.” – Pilar Gerasimo

  • How to fit breaks into your daily life
  • Why you should try shifting your focus
  • The importance of taking breaks even when working from home
  • Why you have to listen to your body
  • How choosing to be healthy is revolutionary

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“The two most important things are making a shift of environment or task, and having the intent for it to be a break.” – Pilar Gerasimo


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Deborah Simone LM, CPM

Sometimes all one can say is Thank You.

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Farzana Doctor

Thanks so much! This podcast provided a lovely validation of something I experience, and often ignore--the need to take multiple breaks over the course of the day.

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Kerry Paulson DNP

I agree! It was a pleasure "meeting" Pilar! I'm inspired to take multiple breaks knowing there is a physiological need and positive effects from them. I only wish I had done this when I was in grad school and "cramming" the thousands of facts into my brain. Keep the podcasts coming! You and your guests are very inspiring and easy to listen to.

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Sounds like the in and out breath I both follow & guide my children throughout our days!!! So natural & beautiful...

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That was amazing - thank you. And if you can, PLEASE offer the Reboot at Kirpalu again in the future. It was something that I really wanted to attend, but had a previous commitment. Love the idea and the opportunity to connect with such wonderful women.

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Thank you for sharing your conversation. I have went through my workdays with a new appreciation and understanding of my breaks, as well as acceptance of needing to take them. One thing I want to mention is at the beginning of the podcast Dr Romm says that Pilar is coining the idea that being healthy is a recolutionary act. Black author and activist, Angela Davis said the same thing about self care decades ago. It's important to acknowledge the source, in particular when it comes from classically oppressed demographics such as queer women of color. Thanks for all the great info!

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    Thanks for this, May. It is important.