Natural MD Radio: Mindy Green and the Healing Power of Essential Oils

My guest today, Mindy Green, is arguably the leading US authority on clinical aromatherapy and the use of essential oils in the US, with over 40 years of clinical practice, research, and  professional experience.

Mindy began her path with essential oils an herbalist and aromatherapist in the 1970s – a true pioneer in this field. She has worked in every aspect of the EO world including practicing as a clinical aromatherapist, serving as a regulatory consultant, and  working at Aveda's national headquarters as the first aromatherapist in their R&D department. She is a prolific writer and well-loved teacher, and a dear and respected friend of mine from our shared herbal world.

In today’s episode Mindy shares how and why she fell in love with plants, what aromatherapy can add to an herbal practice – and your life – and how to start integrating essential oils into your life in an educated and safe way.

This episode of Natural MD Radio is perfect for you whether you're just getting curious about essential oils, if you've been using essential oils for years, and for anyone who wants to learn more about these natural plant medicines.

Show Notes

  • Why Mindy started integrating essential oils into her herbal practice
  • The power of plants in personal and planetary health
  • The importance of scent in our memories, emotions, and health
  • How to start using essential oils yourself
  • Some oils Mindy and Dr. Aviva use in pregnancy
  • Why more is not better with essential oils
  • Essential oils and environmental sustainability
  • Mindy’s 3 go-to oils
  • Sources for high quality oils

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The resource list link is broken. Would love access to it!

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    Tracy Romm

    Hi Lee, It was a broken link. Fixed now.