Natural MD Radio: Healing My Hashimoto’s with Izabella Wentz

If you’re struggling with fatigue, if you’re gaining weight and you have no idea why or are having trouble losing weight, if your joints ache, or your appetite, your sleep, and your hormones are feeling disrupted, you could be struggling with hypothyroidism.

Hashimoto’s is the most common type of hypothyroidism, and it’s an autoimmune condition. If you’ve Izabella Wentz on Natural MD Radio with Aviva Rommbeen diagnosed, this is the show to listen to because today I’m talking with my friend and colleague Izabella Wentz. Izabella is a pharmacist who has struggled with Hashimoto’s herself, so she has dedicated her work to targeting the root causes of autoimmune thyroid disease.

She is the author of Hashimoto's Thyroiditis: Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause, and she’s a champion of incorporating lifestyle change and functional medicine into the treatment of autoimmune thyroid disease.

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“The latest statistics will say that somewhere between 13.5% and 27% of the general population in the U.S. has thyroid antibodies, which indicate that they have Hashimoto’s.” – Izabella Wentz

Show Notes:

  • How she discovered that she had Hashimoto’s
  • What are thyroid antibodies
  • Why women and their health problems aren’t taken as seriously
  • How to prepare for your doctor’s visit
  • The top symptoms of Hashimoto’s
  • What are some of the top contributing factors
  • Why she recommends cutting out gluten

“I really encourage people to make sure that they take charge of their own health and that they become an educated consumer.” – Izabella Wentz

  • Izabella’s perspective on using medication for Hashimoto’s
  • What she considers to be dirty drugs
  • The top medication that she usually recommends
  • How to find a physician to work with you
  • Why you should be doing more things that make you feel good
  • The importance of figuring out your food sensitivities

Top 5 Things You Can Do to Start Healing Yourself:

  1. Make a list of things that make you feel better and worse
  2. Work on balancing your blood sugar
  3. Take a selenium supplement
  4. Go gluten free
  5. Go dairy free

Links Mentioned:

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“I don’t think of medications as a life sentence. I think they’re something to really help you feel better.” – Izabella Wentz


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Dr. Mat

A functional medicine approach that deals with all the contributing factors (including goitrogenic foods and inflammation) is truly the key to reducing and possibly even reversing the symptoms of this condition.


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Joan B

Thank you for the program with interview of Izabella Wentz. It helped me decide to try gluten free. I learned that I have Hashimotos around 2001 and Ihave had hyperthyroid symptoms.(another name was T3 thyrotoxicosis. )I was very ill for years , even lost a lot of hearing,and no traditional DR got to the root. When under the care of endocrinologists there were only two approaches: take large doses of Tapazole which made me gain 40 pounds. Or the final plan was to destroy my thyroid with radioactive iodine. I quit Tapazole and the DR. I could not accept destroying the thyroid. The severity of symptoms varies. i had dizziness, trembling of hands, frequent BM's, weight loss, hair loss and exhaustion.Will Izabella's book have treatment for hyperthyroid or only hypo?


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Hello Aviva and helpers! Thanks so much for all the info on thyroid health these past few months. Its been timely, as I was diagnosed with Graves disease in December. I was wondering if you're going to be doing any posts on hyperthyroidism? I'm currently on antithyroid medications, along with dietary changes and supportive herbs, and have responded really well. I've been able to significantly reduce my dosage of antithyroid medications, which feels like a win! I'm still interested in learning more about graves disease, hyperthyroidism, and more specifically how I can manage it in the long term. Thanks for being my go-to for health info!


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    Megan Liebmann

    Hi Rian, Aviva will be covering hyperthyroidism in her new book which is due out January 2017! I will also ensure that she knows there is a want for more info on Graves ;) Warm wishes, Megan- Aviva Romm’s Executive Assistant and Online Nutrition Expert


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I listened to this and loved it. Where can I go to access all of the show notes?


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    Megan Liebmann

    Hi Misty, You can see the show note here! Best wishes, Megan- Aviva Romm’s Executive Assistant and Online Nutrition Expert


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I loved this podcast. Never heart of Izabella Wentz and I love her. I have read Datis Kharrazian (MS, DHSc, DC) Why do I still have Thyroid Symptoms and I must say that this was really groundbreaking for me. Sadly I can't find any doctor in my region that wants to listen. I can't access the notes and would love to get the names of the medication recommended.


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Deb Favero

Great podcast. This episode and the one on thyroid diagnostic testing were very interesting and helpful. I definitely want to try thiamine as I have been a tired hyperthyroidic woman for years. Could you please make the show notes accessible without a login?