Natural MD Radio: Herbs & Supplements for Migraine Prevention

Welcome to a new season of Natural MD Radio! Today's show is all about preventing migraines naturally.

For centuries doctors explained migraines as a woman’s problem caused by emotional disturbances like hysteria, depression, or stress. Though we know a lot more about migraines today, the most popular pharmaceuticals for migraine prevention only work for about 50% of women, and only about 3% of women who have migraines are getting adequate treatment. It’s time we found a better solution.

In today’s episode, I share the 6-step method I use with my patients to get to the bottom of their migraines. I discuss methods to identify your triggers and tell you about my favorite evidence-based herbs and supplements for migraine prevention.

This episode will give you effective tools to reduce the frequency of your migraines, or get rid of them altogether, so that you can take control of your health and get your life back!

Show Notes

  • What science tells us about the causes of migraines
  • The most common migraine triggers
  • Why women are more likely to experience migraines than men
  • My 6 steps to migraine prevention
  • How an elimination diet can help you get to the root cause of your migraines
  • Get your bowels moving – the link between constipation and migraines
  • What is medication overuse headache
  • My favorite evidence-based herbs and supplements for migraine prevention
  • The advantages of botanicals over pharmaceuticals

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Yay!! Super excited for more episodes!!

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Thanks so much for this! I have a question: I have had migraines since I was child (bout 7 years old). They quieted significantly in my teens, but they resurfaced in ferocious way following head injury three years ago. I have tried Magnesium glycinate but found that it caused more migraines and headaches. I haven't tried riboflavin, but had terrible reaction to a B complex that I tried. Is it that these supplements just aren't the right fit for me, or is this pattern that you sometimes see? I haven't been able to figure it out myself. (I am excited that I have cut out pharmaceuticals and had a bit of luck with ginger--I didn't realize it could be taken as a prophylactic before reading your blog, and now it is part of my regimen. Thanks for the tips!)

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    Aviva Romm

    Hi Allison, Youch - that's a long time to suffer migraines :( I have seen reactivity to B-complex vitamins in patients with histamine intolerance. I have an article and podcast on this - and it's an avenue that might be worth exploring for you. ~AR.