Natural MD Radio: Making Resolutions that Stick with Gabrielle Bernstein

We get a kind of high in the form of a dopamine hit from starting new resolutions. Sticking to them, on the other hand doesn’t give us the same high. That good feeling wears off, and it’s easy to fall off the wagon. We make more and more new commitments, and do whatever we can to get that high. Not sticking to our commitments means not only that we do not achieve our goals, but it can start to affect our self esteem.

Today I’m talking to Gabrielle Bernstein, creator of the Spirit Junkie Movement, about creating and sticking to your resolutions. Gabby is a bestselling author and international speaker who has received attention from Oprah and Deepak Chopra.

Stay tuned as we discuss self talk, the connection between your spiritual wellness and physical wellness, and listen in as Gabby guides us through a simple, short breathing exercise.

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“We can experience our wounds with passion and grace as well.” – Gabby Bernstein 

Show Notes:

  • What made Gabby turn her back on her spiritual upbringing
  • Hitting rock bottom… How, What, Why?
  • How to live a life beyond your wildest dreams
  • Why do we look outside ourselves for validation
  • How does it feel to be in your truth vs. not
  • How can breathing help you reconnect with yourself
  • The power of self talk
  • Do all women talk to themselves?
  • The value of acknowledging what’s going on for you internally

“Physical symptoms are the symptoms of our disconnect.” – Gabby Bernstein

  • Why people are trying to live out this idea of who they should be…… instead of who they really are
  • What makes us more comfortable in a wounded place
  • Beliefs, and how their's a spiritual cause behind all physical conditions
  • How to identify the root cause of your spiritual condition
  • Why you have to love yourself when you make mistakes, instead of beating yourself up
  • Why you should surrender and be willing to create permanent and sustainable change
  • The benefits of surrounding yourself with the right people
  • Three tips for creating a new habit
  • The value of finding a supportive community to help you make a change

“The way that we can create change is when we want it.” – Gabby Bernstein

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“You have two choices: You can be looking for the problems or you can be looking for the miracles.” – Gabby Bernstein

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Connie Trowbridge

What an awesome episode! Congrats on your first guest and your new podcast! You RCOKED it! Gabby is amazing and she made an excellent first guest. I learned so much and as a student of hers, also re-integrated a few things which I LOVE!


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Wow! Great podcast. Very inspirational. Can't wait to hear more! Reading is great, but sometimes listening is easier. Thanks Aviva!


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Clarissa Gonzalez

Absolutely beautiful episode! I definitely felt a connection with your topics. Much love!