Having the flu as an adult is so miserable, the aches, the fevers, and the overall discomfort. And knowing how to prevent the flu or how to deal with it if you get the flu can be confusing and complicated.

Today I’m talking about how to prevent the flu naturally and how to treat it if you do get it. Listen in as I share my 7 natural tips to help prevent the flu. And, as a bonus, these tips are also great for optimizing wintertime immune support for you and your family.

The Flu on Natural MD Radio with Aviva Romm

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quote“Natural approaches can been incredibly safe, effective, and affordable and without the side effects that you have to worry about with over the counter pharmaceuticals.” 

– Aviva Romm

Show Notes:

  • What is the flu
  • What flu symptoms look like
  • Why you need to give yourself ample recovery time
  • Possible complications from the flu
  • Should you get the flu vaccine
  • Who should get the flu vaccine
  • Why I’m not against vaccinations
  • What are issues with the flu vaccine
  • Why I’m not a fan of Tamiflu
  • What you can do to prevent the flu naturally
  • Why you often get sick right after the holidays
  • What you can do once you have flu-like symptoms

My 7 Proven Natural Tips for Preventing the Flu:

    1. Wash your hands often and use hugs instead of handshakes
    2. Cut out the sugar
    3. Get extra rest
    4. Bust stress
    5. Try a saline flush
    6. Take your vitamins
    7. Use herbs





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  1. Listening to this while in bed with the flu! And this is right after finishing the Reset!! And doing most of the supplements above. Wondering now about Lyme weakening my immune system. Just had a negative blood test for lyme (western blot) This is the second time in one year i have had the flu! I am an otherwise healthy 41 year old. Thinking if lyme or coinfections are present, and just not showing up on tests, it would make me a good candidate for the vaccine. Esp since i have dilligently been doing most of tge above and jut had a month of eating SUPER foods! (But breastfeeding and don’t really want mercury exposure)

  2. Do you have the supplement site up and running yet? THANK you for doing this! It’s so hard to know which ones are good/worth it. I appreciate it! 🙂

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