Natural MD Radio: Uncovering Your Thyroid Problem with Dana Trentini

Did you know that 50% of Americans who have a thyroid problem don’t know it? They’re struggling with weight, fatigue, lack of mental clarity, aches and pains, high cholesterol, and sleep problems. Not only that, but 15-30% of women on medication for depression actually have undiagnosed hypothyroidism.

This week I’m talking to my friend, colleague, and guest Dana Trentini, or as some of you may know her, Hypothyroid Mom. Dana once suffered with a range of undiagnosed symptoms in addition to being a new mom. She learned to heal her body and reclaim her life and share what she has learned with the huge following she has on her website. Today she’s sharing that journey with us, including some of the tips she learned, how to pick the best doctor for you, and most importantly, how to take your healthcare back into your own hands.

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“Postpartum and pregnancy is a common trigger for thyroid disease, whether it’s to develop a new condition or to worsen one.” – Dana Trentini

Show Notes:

  • How she got on her mission to find out more about hypothyroidism
  • Why hypothyroid patients may not have the energy to learn about the condition
  • How her symptoms escalated during pregnancy
  • The challenge of the postpartum period
  • The factors of guilt and jealousy in her postpartum time
  • The importance of a good doctor

“Please be good to yourself. Get all the help that you can and don’t feel bad to ask for it.” – Dana Trentini

  • The challenges someone with hypothyroid can face in pregnancy
  • How she got over her inner good girl
  • Why you can’t put the blame on the patients
  • Why you have to educate yourself
  • What people who have been diagnosed can do to turn their life around

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“Not looking out for me was a major contributing factor to how unwell I became.” – Dana Trentini

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Thank you so, so, so, SO much for this podcast! I was on the verge of tears many times while listening, as it was like Dana was talking about me instead of herself. I have been diagnosed with both hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue. I've had three miscarriages, although I also have five healthy, living children. I have been seeing an herbalist who has me on supplements that help me function, but I'm certainly not thriving, and I don't feel like I'm healing; most of the time, I only function enough to get through every day and meet my kids' basic needs, and I generally feel like I'm getting worse, not better. When I do have a really good day, I overdo it, and then I'm useless for the next week! It was so encouraging to hear that there is hope. Thank you so much for your insight, Dana and Aviva. I'll be checking out your blog for more info, Dana. This also was the final push I needed to get on the horn and call some functional medicine doctors in my area today. I'm incredibly grateful for this podcast! I do have one question that I'm hoping one of you might have a bit of insight on- do you recommend thyroid testing for children who were carried through pregnancies in which the mother was hypo? I asked my kids' doctor about it, and he was more than willing to run whatever labs I wanted, but I'm trying to decide whether or not it's really necessary. Any thoughts? Obviously, I know you can't comment on my specific situation; I'm just wondering what your general opinion is on thryoid problems transferring to a baby during pregnancy. ;) Thank you again!


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Thank you for this podcast, although I'm not sure if hyperthyroidism is my issue, I do have a lot of the symptoms. I also second the fact that I had to be a "Bad Girl" and demand a thyroid test postpartum; which came back 'normal'. However, my doctor only tested for TSH. Thank you for mentioning the other test that need to be addressed as well.


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    :) I'm all about us bringing out that inner bad girl when we need to! :)