Natural MD Radio: Money Matters with Amanda Steinberg

“You don’t have to be managing everything about the finances, but you have to understand it and where it lives and how much you have and what it means.” – Amanda Steinberg

Have you ever worried about handling your money? Do you feel unprepared if something happens, or like you don’t know enough about your

finances? Women often feel detached from their money, and society certainly has worked to keep distance between us and our finances, often making us rely on male partners to manage our money.

Today’s guest is here to help. Amanda Steinberg launched Daily Worth in 2009 to bring a fresh voice and outsiders perspective to personal finance. Her goal is to help women be financially literate and independent. Today I’m talking to Amanda about why she started her personal finance business, how to connect to your ambition, and how her book Worth It is helping women be in charge of their money.

Show Notes:

  • How to get over the damsel in distress idea
  • When money became a man’s job
  • Why you can’t internalize what others think
  • The value of getting in touch with your ambition
  • Should women be worried about the male ego in relationships
  • Why women become financially codependent
  • The importance of knowing how money works
  • What are roots and wings
  • The importance of setting positive intentions
  • What women can take away from this book
  • Why women need to understand their finances

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Claudia Lamparzyk

This was amazing to listen to. I have been carrying around so much guilt about having my boys in daycare while I gain experience and apply to graduate school (Yale =)) to become a nurse midwife. I have been feeling as though it may be better to be home with them than getting myself into a rigorous program that will take me away from my family. I love motherhood but I feel so much more more in alignment when I am also following my ambitions. I feel as though a weight has been lifted. Thank you!


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    Amanda Swan

    Hi Claudia! I am the nurse practitioner in Dr Romm's practice, and I often hop in to answer comments and questions since Dr Romm doesn't always have time to get to them all! We're so glad that you found this podcast so helpful! Best of luck to you as you pursue your dreams! ~amanda, APRN


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Hi! I listened to this podcast with great interest and gratitude for the issues you both tackled. I wanted to name, though, that I felt a bit wasn't simply being challenged (which I also was--and welcomed!), but feeling a bit left out. I want to feel okay not being a powerhouse of ambition. My story is that my life has been sidetracked by a brain injury (at what I expected to be the most productive time of my life), and mine has been a process of recalibrating and being willing to ask for support (including financial support from my partner).


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    Amanda Swan

    Hi Alison! I am the nurse practitioner in Dr Romm's practice, and I often hop in to answer comments and questions since Dr Romm doesn't always have time to get to them all! Thank you for your comment. Ambition is found in many different forms, and it sounds like you are making great strides to reach your goals. Asking for help/support is a huge accomplishment for many women! Kudos to you. Good luck on your journey. ~amanda


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Hello-- Thank you Amanda Steinberg and Aviva Romm! I am listening to your radio show right now. Have you been eavesdropping on my life? Lol! Regards, Nancy