Natural MD Radio: Embracing Your Cravings with Alexandra Jamieson

We often think of willpower as something we either have or we don’t have. When we don’t have self-control, we think there’s something wrong with us. But there’s a lot more to our cravings, food binges, and uncontrollable desire than that. Cravings usually represent something we’re missing, whether it’s nutritionally, due to stress, or a part of our life that needs to be fulfilled.

Joining me today is the uber cool Alexandra Jamieson. You may know Alex as the co-star and co-creator of the Oscar-nominated documentary Supersize Me. These days, Alex delivers keynote speeches and workshops around the globe, hosts a podcast called The Crave Cast, and wrote a great book called Women, Food, & Desire. All of her work guide readers and listeners to embrace their cravings as allies, make peace with food, and reclaim their bodies.

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“The diet that heals you may not be the diet that sustains you.” – Alexandra Jamieson

Show Notes:

  • How she started on the path of women and cravings
  • Why she became a vegan
  • The challenge of making change
  • What happened when she came out as a meat eater
  • Why she started looking at the meanings of cravings
  • How food cravings and desire are connected
  • The four causes of cravings: bacterial, nutritional, emotional, and physical
  • What happens when you have a bacterial imbalance

“Most of us are overfed but undernourished.” – Alexandra Jamieson

  • Why we’re all emotional eaters
  • The pressure that women are under
  • What happens when we don’t self nourish
  • How willpower and habits and support are tied together
  • Don’t be afraid of fat
  • Differentiating between a nutritional craving and an emotional or craving
  • Why you have to play

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“When was the last time you had fun in your body?” – Alexandra Jamieson



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Celia Baruchin

What a wonderful show! Thank you both very much for sharing so much information and wisdom! A crucial missing piece, perhaps: Oftentimes, when women unlock play and the deliciousness of feeding our desires and our cravings, we uncork an unexpected GUSHER of grief. Perhaps you and Alex - or a grieving expert like Pauline Boss (Ambiguous Loss) - could come back and do a reprise about the benefits of allowing the physical expressions of grief to arise and pass through us? Here's to all our health, and thanks again!


    Generic placeholder image

    Love this - and yes. And thank you for sharing.