Natural MD Radio: What is Leaky Gut?

You’ve probably heard the term leaky gut, but do you know exactly what it is and whether you have it? Do you know why it’s so important to treat it?

Leaky gut occurs when there is damage to the gut lining as a result of stress, certain medications, environmental toxins, nutritional deficiencies, microbiome disruption, and inflammatory food triggers. Any of these can disrupt the integrity of the gut lining and the intestinal lining becomes more permeable. This can cause digestive system symptoms like gas, bloating, constipation, or loose stools, or symptoms after eating like fatigue, mood changes, or rapid heart beat. Leaky gut is a well-established cause of chronic systemic inflammation, insulin resistance, weight gain and even obesity, and can even lead to automimmune disease.

Today’s episode is the first of a two-part series all about leaky gut. We'll cover what causes it and what's happening inside your body when you have it. We will also review what the symptoms are and the dangerous effects it can have on your body.

Listen in as I talk about what's happening when someone has leaky gut and the problems it can cause.  If you prefer to read, you can follow this link to find my article on how to know if you have a leaky gut and how to heal it!

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“About 70% of the body’s immune system is located in the gut lining in lymphatic tissue.” – Aviva Romm

Show Notes:

  • What your intestinal lining is made of
  • The purpose of your intestinal lining
  • How gut inflammation can affect your mood
  • How the gut layers let through the good and keep out the bad
  • What causes leaky gut
  • The relationship between the intestinal lining and microbiome

“Inflammation in the intestinal lining can affect your entire immune system and even your mood.” – Aviva Romm

  • What is happening when you have leaky gut
  • Why bacteria can be toxic to your body
  • What is endotoxemia
  • What problems it can cause

“A big trigger for leaky gut is inflammatory food triggers, especially gluten, but also dairy.” – Aviva Romm

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Trudi Dido

You described my issues to a T. . You make it sound less scary with your funny analogies I am looking forward to the answers to healing it. Thanks and have a wonderful vacation dear lady!

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gosh! what has it been - a decade now that I feel like I've been your number one fan?!?! I can remember reading your book as a beginner doula living in the lower east side and KNOWING you were a kindred spirit. it's been so amazing to watch your path. this is by far THE BEST explanation of leaky gut I've ever listened to. YOU ROCK!

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Stacey S

Appreciate this easy-to-understand information! Look forward to learning more, thank you.

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Caroline King

I had never heard of leaky gut, or the other terms discussed in this short podcast until my son was diagnosed with UC. It is amazing how little the GI doctors know of these chronic inflammatory diseases, or at least what might cause them. Thankfully there are doctors who have done their homework, like your wonderful resources. Though difficult to do, through diet he has gained his health back, is on no drugs, and is thriving. Food really was triggering all kinds of reactions in his body, not only UC, but asthma. We have learned so much about the foods we once thought healthy. Please continue in your mission! Food is key.

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Betty Tuininga

I have leaky gut syndrome, and since going on the elimination diet, have never felt better in my life! But have a family who thinks I am crazy! My 89 year old mother is convinced that I have an eating disorder and is ready to have me committed because I have a lot of lost weight. My friends all think I am nuts as well because they think it is a fabricated illness AHHHHH. Is it possible to get printed transcripts of your series of discussions on LGS on soundcloud particularly for my mother. I tried to send her the link so she could listen to the discussions but she is not capable of doing it on her own, but would read the transcripts if I sent them to her. Fortunately my PC doctor is not concerned about my weight loss... In fact he is delighted!

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    Megan Liebmann

    Hi Betty, We can't do printed transcripts, but Aviva does have a few article on leaky gut and we will be offering a Gut Replenish course in the next few weeks!! Warm wishes, Megan- Aviva Romm's executive assistant and online nutritionist

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Cali Leola Simpson

These podcasts are a goddess-send! I am in a clinical Herbalism and Clinical Nutrition program right now-in my second year. All of this information I have heard in lecture before, listening to your podcasts on my commute up the mountain from herb school is the perfect review. And the way you package and deliver this information is interesting, fun, and accessible--or should I say bioavailable and digestible ;) Thank you!!

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Louise Parosns

A friend sent me your site and I’m really glad she did! Thank you - louise