Natural MD Radio: Vaginal Ecology – What You Need to Know

Did you know that your vagina has an ecosystem? Like your gut, skin, and many other parts of your body, your vagina has its own unique microbial environment that keeps it healthy (and happy!).

In this episode, you’ll learn all about the exciting flora that make up your vaginal ecosystem. I’ll discuss vaginal infections and other problems that arise when this ecosystem get’s out of whack, and the root causes of these problems. Pharmaceutical companies have a whole host of commercial products that will claim to help you with these all-too-common conditions. Today, you’ll learn why these products often actually make the problem worse, and I’ll share my knowledge and tips to help you keep your vaginal ecology healthy using tried-and-true natural methods.

Show Notes

  • Why I use the word ‘yoni'
  • The microorganisms that live in your vagina
  • What is bacterial vaginosis
  • The root causes of vaginal infections
  • Medications and products that disrupt your vaginal ecosystem
  • How to avoid unnneccesary antibiotic use
  • What to look for in a probiotic for vaginal health
  • Natural feminine product options
  • How to rebalance your gut flora
  • Vaginal infections and sugar
  • How to get those V vitamins
  • Let’s talk about sex and your vagina
  • Hormonal changes and your vaginal ecology
  • Last but not least… the thong effect

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