Natural MD Radio: Are Herbs Safe in Pregnancy?

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Did you know that red raspberry leaf tea taken in the last trimester of pregnancy has been known to reduce pain and length of labor, as well as reduce the need for cesarian section, vacuum extraction, forceps, AND reduce the need for resuscitation in new babies? That’s pretty amazing, considering that this is a simple herb grown all around the country.

Today I’m talking about one of my favorite topics, using herbs during pregnancy: what’s safe, what are the big don’ts, and what herbs can be used comfortably and confidently. My hope is for this podcast to give you an overview of herb safety during pregnancy with plenty of practical advice on when to be cautious but also a sense that these are allies that we can turn to.

“About 90% of pregnant women who go in for prenatal care will come out with a pharmaceutical recommendation at some point during the pregnancy.” – Aviva Romm

Show Notes:

  • How I began using herbs for pregnant women
  • The historical use of herbs in pregnancy
  • Why we need more scrutiny around the drugs we give pregnant women
  • Why little is known about the risks of herb use during pregnancy
  • Lack of proof of harm doesn’t mean something is safe
  • What warning signs aren’t suitable for use of herbs
  • Why I feel comfortable with nutritive teas
  • The importance of how you’re using herbs during pregnancy
  • Why it’s important to trust your body

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