I’d like to talk with you about an increasing problem women are experiencing – brain fog. It’s a problem that brings women into my medical practice, and about which I receive a lot of concerned emails from readers. It’s also not just women in their 50s and 60s and older that are experiencing this problem – I even have patients in their 20s struggling with brain fog.

What is brain fog? It is cloudy mental thinking, the inability to concentrate the way you used to. The good news is that all of our symptoms are our body’s way of telling us something needs to shift – whether in our diet, lifestyle, self-care, or environment. Making the changes I talk about in this podcast, to turn around your personal root causes, can halt and reverse your current symptoms, and prevent and often even reverse the early onset of chronic disease.

Show Notes:

  • What brain fog is
  • Why stress and overwhelm lead to brain fog
  • How fatigue impacts our cognitive function
  • How depression and anxiety affect your brain
  • The role of the microbiome in brain fog
  • Why it’s important to prevent brainflammation (and how)
  • What foods feed your brain
  • How your hormones can affect your brain function
  • What medications might be causing brain fog
  • When you should get medical attention

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