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Herbal Medicine for Women


The only course on Herbal Medicine and Functional Nutrition, Taught by an M.D.

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Herbal medicines and functional nutrition are the core tools I turn to again and again to help the women in my medical practice regain their vitality, energy, and health. With 30 years of experience in my back pocket, I’ve got a ton of information, skills, pearls, and strategies that I hope you’ll let me share with you for the benefit of the women in your practice, and in your life!

Goodness knows, IT’S TIME.shutterstock_57590812

  • 1 in 6 women struggles with fertility problems.
  • We have a 34% cesarean section rate in the US.
  • New data shows that women’s health in pregnancy can determine whether the next generation experiences diabetes, allergies, asthma – even autism!
  • Millions of women suffer from endometriosis, fibroids, PMS, and menopausal problems.
  • Over 10% of women have PCOS  – which carries the same risks of heart disease as diabetes.
  • More unnecessary surgeries are done for women’s gynecologic problems than for any other health problems!
  • Chronic disease rates are increasing in women at a rapid rate, with women now as likely or more likely to have heart attacks than men!
  • More and more medications are known to have harmful side effects – and most of the drugs on the market have not been tested on women! 
  • Something needs to be done!


 Herbal Medicine for Women is the most comprehensive professional women’s herbal training program in the world. Over 1000 students on 5 continents in 20 different countries! You won’t get better training than this!



You are absolutely going to love the course. It will change your life. ~ LP

breast tenderness collage

I told my friends: if Harvard offered me a spot right now, and I could choose to enroll in Harvard or Aviva’s course, I would still choose Aviva’s! It is so mama/woman/human friendly while still being academically satisfying! ~ EM

I absolutely love it! It speaks directly to my heart and this way of being. This course has been INVALUABLE to my midwifery work! ~ KS


Herbal Medicine for Women is a powerful, comprehensive 400-hour course recognized by midwifery, nursing, naturopathic medicine, and acupuncture accrediting agencies. This program uniquely integrates traditional herbal wisdom, clinical experience, and critically reviewed botanical and nutrition scientific evidence for the prevention and treatment of common women’s health concerns. The course emphasizes a whole-woman approach to health taking into consideration body, mind, and the woman wellness in the context of her life. It’s also an amazing personal journey created and led by Dr. Aviva Romm, a global -and well loved – leader in integrative, functional, and botanical medicine for women.


Gain the skills to your clients – and yourself –


Join the Women’s Health Revolution


Want a Taste of What You’ll Learn in the Course?

  • FREE 90-MINUTE TALK! 5 TOP HERBS FOR WOMEN                     This popular talk was presented by Dr. Aviva Romm at the Midwest Women’s Herb Conference, June 2013 Click here to listen to or download this mp3
  • FREE 90-MINUTE INTERVIEW! THE LOST ART of BOTANICAL MEDICINE. Click here to listen to or download this mp3

And this is just the beginning!


When I signed up I had no idea how comprehensive this course would be – it has added so much to my comprehension and confidence. This course has reinforced my inner passion for herbs and greatly expanded my knowledge about them. ~ LF


Why Take This Course?

Women need safe, natural, affordable alternatives to current medical treatments for common health problems.

This course will allow you to:

  • Take back your health; take responsibility for your own wellness.
  • Recognize, listen to, and trust your body knowledge and help others learn to do the same
  • Let go of fear created by a disease-based medical model and embrace a woman-centered approach to healing
  • Develop the skills needed to promote health and prevent and treat common women’s health conditions
  • Learn the basics of functional medicine and nutrition
  • Develop a strong knowledge of herbal medicine for women’s health
  • Deepen your connection to the Earth and learn how natural rhythms influence health
  • Enhance your professional clinical practice
  • Specialize in women’s herbal medicine
  • Clarify your personal path (practitioner, teacher, writer, medicine-maker, entrpreneur)
  • Deepen your awareness and understanding of the psychoemotional and spiritual influences on health

I only wish I knew about your course when I enrolled for a different Master Herbalist course several years ago. I paid more for it than I did yours last fall on the special rate. Yours offers WAAAAAAY more value, more connection, more feedback, more instructor experience and expertise. ~ DD


Start Transforming Lives Now!


As an Herbal Medicine for Women student you will learn how to use herbs, along with nutritional support, effectively for women’s health problems throughout women’s entire life cycles and:

  • LEARN how to think thru complex women’s health conditions
  • APPLY integrative and functional medicine techniques to enhance client success and grow your business.
  • USE mind-body tools to transform women’s health and lives 
  • GENERATE effective wellness plans with herbs, food, & appropriate supplements
  • HELP yourself, the women in your life, and your clients or patients ACHIEVE OPTIMAL WELLNESS


Join HMW & Change Health Care!



Core Course Topics

Foundations: History of Herbal Medicine for Women • Current Trends in Women’s Health • Herbal Medicine Philosophy • Spirituality and Women’s Health • Mind-Body Tools and Techniques • A Functional Medicine Approach to Herbal Medicine • Food as Medicine • Herbal Pharmacology • Herbal Properties and Actions •  Setting up an Herbal Practice and Clinical Strategies • Herbal Preparations and Medicine Making • Herb-Drug Interactions • Herbal Product Safety • Setting up an Herb Business • The Art of Teaching Herbal Medicine • Women’s Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology • Basics of Endocrinology •  Women’s Hormones

Health Conditions Faced by Women from Menarche through Menopause: The Healthy Menstrual Cycle • Menstruation and Adolescents • Painful Menstruation (Dysmenorrhea) • Menstrual Irregularity • Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) • Fibrocyctic Breasts and Breast Pain • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome • Endometriosis • Vaginal Infections • Urinary Tract • Infections and Interstitial Cystitis • Uterine Fibroids • Issues in Unplanned Pregnancies • Safety of Herbs During Pregnancy and Lactation • Fertility Problems • Pregnancy Wellness, Nutrition, and Body Care • Miscarriage Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy • Hyperemesis Gravidarum • Constipation and Hemorrhoids • Iron Deficiency Anemia • IBS During Pregnancy • Premature Labor and Uterine Irritability • Skin Problems • Insomnia and Nervous Disorders • Breech Presentation • Post Dates Pregnancy  • Prolonged Labor • Pain and Exhaustion in Labor • Perineal Care • Postpartum Depression •  Breastfeeding Problems • Healthy Menopause • Hormone Replacement Therapy • Hot Flashes and Night Sweats • Insomnia, Anxiety, and Depression • Uterine Bleeding • Vaginal Dryness • Uterine Prolapse • Low Libido • Prevention of Heart Disease • Osteoporosis

Materia Medica, Herbal Formulation, and Prescribing for Women’s Health: Over 200 herbs are covered in this course. You will learn their clinical indications and actions, constituents, traditional and modern applications, safety issues and contraindications, and will learn from Aviva’s direct experience using these herbs in clinical practice and personal use.

Each clinical lesson provides you with multi-media in-depth discussions of the condition being reviewed, the role of lifestyle, mind-body approaches, and nutrition in prevention and treatment, the  signs and symptoms of the condition, pathophysiology, the pros and cons of conventional treatments, risk factors and when to seek medical care, and extensive, detailed case reviews that teach you how Aviva approaches botanical strategies for treatment with guidance that will allow you to learn how to do this successfully and effectively.

Not only will you learn about herbal medicine, you will learn how to be successful at doing what you love, loving your clients, having fun, and perhaps even changing the world – for one woman or for many.




I absolutely love the student/instructor dialogue and the excellent documents available to us on the website. The wealth of information and your virtual support gives me confidence in my own ability to become a competent provider for my community. Whenever I pick up my course books, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for your [Aviva’s] hard work to create a rigorous but understandable curriculum that is rich with historical, cultural, and medicinal relevance. All that to say, I am blessed – and blissed – to be a part of this group of wise women! — Sarah W.


What Students Receive

As a student in HMW you become part of a rich community of women with a passion for natural women’s  health and a deep love of herbal medicine. You will receive the highest quality, beautifully presented materials, personal instruction, and regular communication with Aviva and other students.

All students in Herbal Medicine for Women receive four handbooks:

  • Foundations in Botanical Medicine for Women
  • Herbs for Gynecologic and Menstrual Health
  • Herbs for Childbearing Women
  • Herbs for the Wisdom Years

and Aviva’s award-winning textbook, Botanical Medicine for Women’s Health (Elsevier/Churchill, 2010)

Each handbook contains 10–16 lessons, medical abstracts, homework project assignments, and experiments for each lesson. Each lesson is also cross-referenced to related optional reading in major herbal medicine texts and books. Students receive thoughtful written responses and evaluations for submitted required course work.

Although I am an easily distracted person who has often times requires one-on-one interaction with an instructor, I have had no regret with going outside of my comfort zone and taking this course. And it’s 100% because of the awesome personal extras that Aviva adds. 
 Quite honestly, the course is superior to anything I have seen. I think for women’s practitioners such as myself there is no better course. I also think that for those who desire to be practitioners for all ages and genders would be able to provide much better care with this program under their belt. — Anji C.

Multi-media and on-line resources

  • Botanica: The Herbal Medicine for Women Newsletter  (and archives of all past editions)
  • Q&A and case review with Aviva – LIVE – every 3 months!
  • 30-minute personal career planning phone session with Aviva, after your final project and before graduation, which is recorded and sent to you
  • Video to accompany lessons including case reviews, detailed explanations of complex topics such as PCOS and hormonal feedback loops, herb walks, medicine making and formulating.
  • Active forum with on-going cases, moderated by Aviva!
  • Access to all telegathering archives
  • Bonus: FREE Recordings of Aviva’s talks from herbal conferences all over the country otherwise only available to the general public for purchase.
Thriving, Supportive Women’s Online Community
  • Ongoing email interaction with Aviva
  • Unlimited access to the  HMW student forum
  • Access to an on-line student directory
  • Lifetime access to all of the archives available to students, including newly posted audio and video materials

Continuing Education Credit

shutterstock_162386177Herbal Medicine for Women has been approved for the following CEUs:

  • Certified Nurse-Midwives: American College of Nurse Midwives, Program #2014/007
  • Naturopaths: Oregon Board of Naturopathic Examiners, #PDP-HMW
  • Acupuncturists: California Acupuncture Board, Provider #1044
  • Meets Category 1 requirements for the recertification of Certified Professional Midwives (North American Registry of Midwives).

In addition, some professional associations may accept earned credits toward recertification even though Herbal Medicine for Women is not specifically approved by them as a provider of continuing education.  The National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), for example, states that credits (PDA points) may be earned in the category of “professional enhancements” when appropriate documentation of the study is provided.  Please contact our office with any questions about CEUs and what we can provide by way of documentation to facilitate your submission of credits for work completed in this program.

Cost: $2,150.00

  • All payments to be made in US dollars
  • All communication and lesson grading is done online and by email
  • International Students: add an additional $50 for shipping

Payment Plan
The payment plan allows you to pay for the course in 3 installments. You pay $1075.00 at the time of enrollment and then 2 further payments of $575.00 in the following 6 months. Course materials are sent out in installments.

Cancellation and Refund Policy
We want you to be happy with your program. Unfortunately refunds cannot be provided on the course once materials have been shipped.

Study Groups
Study groups can register at a special discounted rate! When three or more women register together, the cost per student is $1850 ($1800 if you already have Aviva’s textbook). All study group payments must be received in full before materials will be sent. There are no payment plan options for study groups. Please contact us if you have any questions.



Students also receiveshutterstock_61884139
  • Discounts with top quality herb companies including Herb Pharm, Mountain Rose Herbs, and Herbalist & Alchemist
  • Access to an  e-library of herbal and women’s health research articles
  • Quick access to answers to tough herbal questions via Aviva’s extensive network of herbal colleagues and community
  • A GORGEOUS frameable diploma and special gift.


I am loving the content of the course …! I can already see my skills are changing and improving… My own vision and focus for my path is becoming more clear and focused. ~ MI

This course is SO much more than herbs for women. I’m super excited to be on this journey. — Faye L.


Ready to Get Empowered?



With so much love,






Wanting Some Additional Information? Here Ya’ Go!

Who Can Enroll? 

…women committed to life-long learning, a women’s health revolution, and making the world a better place!

There are no prerequisites. Current students include midwives, herbalists, naturopaths, nurses, MDs, doulas, massage therapists, acupuncturists, businesswomen, and women who just want to deepen their personal knowledge of herbal medicine and natural health.

(Sorry fellas…this is a women-only course. This allows for an incredible openness in the course dialogue and forums. Pssst… It’s okay to peek at the written materials and videos over your favorite lady’s shoulder!)

What can I do when I graduate?

The skills you gain in this course will help you to be successful in:

  • Enhancing herbal medicine use in your life…and practice
  • Making a living as an herbalist
  • Enhancing or building a botanical consulting practice/ consulting in another practitioner’s office
  • Writing/publishing in herbal magazines
  • Teaching at herbal events, conferences, and schools
  • Making and selling herbal products
  • Starting your own or working for an herbal medicine company
  • Consulting for industry in formula development
  • Starting any number of herbally-related businesses

Will this course prepare me to become a practicing herbalist?

Yes. This course provides the academic foundation you need to practice botanical medicine for women’s health. If you are not a licensed clinician, you’ll still need clinical training before you go out there and hang your shingle. The good news is that successfully graduating from this course gives you caché and a letter of recommendation from me that is likely to help you land a great internship if you want to go further with your clinical training.

If you are already a clinical practitioner with prescribing rights, you might want to do a short internship to see an herbalist in action, but in general, you will be able to use the knowledge gained in this course to add herbs right into your prescribing repertoire.





How long does it take to complete the course?

Since everyone studies and learns at their own pace, it is impossible to quantify this exactly. I estimate that working at 3-4 hours/week you can reasonably complete this course in 18-24 months. Many students choose to take longer, working at a slower pace because of busy lives, or simply savoring the materials. You have 3 years from starting the course to receive the benefits of all of the direct grading from Dr. Romm and her team; you have an indefinite amount of time to complete the course on your own after this using graders guides to check your answers.

What credentials are conferred upon completion?

Upon successful completion of this program you may call yourself a Certified Women’s Herbal Educator. Graduates receive a Certificate as a Women’s Herbal Educator through the program, as well as a special graduation gift.

Are There Additional Expenses/Supplies?

lemon-tea-gingerThe only supplies you will need that are not included in the course are:

  • Basic herb supplies for hands-on assignments
  • Principles and Practices of Phytotherapy (Mills and Bone)
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology at a Glance (Norwitz and Schorge)

You will also need internet access and a computer.


Not the ‘student-type’? Not to worry!

This WomanWise course will spark your personal confidence, empowerment, and creativity. You will be supported by a community of adult learners. And you can learn and complete materials at your own pace. Final projects are fun, and have ranged from art to academics. One student created an herbal kit for her daughters to take to college! Another created a website on postpartum herbal care. And there are no surprises in the final exam! This course is designed for you to grow, learn, and succeed.

About Distance Learning

Distance learning is an excellent model for busy women – and aren’t we all! It allows us to learn in the comfort of our own homes, at our personal pace, with a cup of tea in hand! Online learning models offer multimedia personal touches like video and audio that you can download whenever you have the chance.  Drop those old school anxieties and finally learn what you want to – with no pressure!



NOTE: This course does not substitute for clinical experience under the supervision and guidance of an experienced herbal practitioner. Completion of this program in no way confers the right or ability to practice any form of health care.