HMW Study Group Application

To begin forming or to join a Study Group, complete the application below. Be sure to include the name of at least one other member of your group in the space provided. Once I have received applications from at least 3 members from your group, my office will contact you with details about how to finalize your enrollment.


Herbal Medicine for Women Study Group Application

  • Policies & Terms of Service

  • Please note the Policies and Terms of Service for the course and be certain you understand these prior to submitting your application:

    Group rate: For 3 or more students enrolling together, the cost of tuition is $1850/student. Any student requiring international shipping of course materials pays an additional $25 at checkout.

    Each student receives their own print materials and unique online access.

    Cancellation and Refund Policies: We want you to be happy with your program. Unfortunately refunds cannot be provided on the course once access to the course website is granted or the materials have been shipped.

    I understand and agree to the following:

    Herbal Medicine for Women reserves the right to accept or decline any student.

    A telephone interview may be requested by the program director.

    Herbal Medicine for Women reserves the right to accept or decline any submitted student assignments.

    Successful completion of the Certification Program requires completion of a final exam to the standards set by the program.

    There will modest additional personal expenses beyond the cost of this course for herb supplies.

    I am not allowed to photocopy this material for any purpose unless with the express written permission of the program director.

    These materials are not transferable to another student; each student must purchase her/his own program materials.

    This course does not substitute for clinical experience under the supervision and guidance of an experienced herbal practitioner.

    Completion of this program in no way confers the right or ability to practice any form of health care.

    This course demands time and effort. What I get out of it will depend on the effort I put in.

    I cannot hold this program or any of its owners or staff responsible for any outcomes associated with use of the information contained in the course.

    I will not misrepresent myself as a graduate of this program until I have received a certificate/certification.

    I will not develop a distance learning program on the topic of herbal medicine for women within 5 years of signing this agreement, nor within 5 years of graduation from the program.

    I will honor the intellectual property rights of Aviva Romm and in no way use these materials to teach Herbal Medicine for Women without express permission from the Director of Herbal Medicine for Women.

    I have read and understand the requirements and responsibilities of participating in an Herbal Medicine for Women training program. I fully understand the payment and refund policies.