urinary tract infections

Learn about urinary tract infections – what causes them, and how to prevent and treat them naturally whenever possible (and how to know when that is!). UTIs are such a big problem for so many women, and the most common fix prescribed by doctors is antibiotics.

Show Notes:

  • Why avoiding unnecessary antibiotics is important
  • When antibiotics are necessary
  • What are the symptoms of bladder infections
  • The basics of UTI prevention and treatment
  • How and why it’s important restore the balance your microbiome to prevent UTIs
  • What dietary changes you can make to prevent and treat UTIs
  • What herbs and supplements you can use to prevent treat UTIs

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  1. Just wanted to stop and say thank you! I’m a regular listener, mom to two boys, owner of 4 of your books (including The Adrenal/Thyroid Revolution), and it’s International Women’s Day, so it only seems appropriate to express some gratitude–as a woman, to a woman who is such a light. Thank you for all you do!

  2. I have heard that a tubal ligation can cause the ovaries to malfunction and interfere with hormone production. Is this true and if so what can be done about it?

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