Natural MD Radio: The Pregnant Mom’s Guide to Thyroid Health

Healthy thyroid function is essential to the physical and emotional health of pregnant women and to new moms. It’s also critical for the health of the baby.

In this episode, I discuss the risks of undiagnosed thyroid problems for mom and baby, how thyroid function changes during pregnancy, and why it’s important for all pregnant women to get complete thyroid testing. You’ll also learn how to advocate for yourself to get the testing that you need, and the steps to take once you have your results.

Show Notes

  • Why hypothyroidism often goes undiagnosed in pregnancy
  • The risks of undiagnosed thyroid problems for you, and your baby
  • How your thyroid function changes during pregnancy
  • Why complete thyroid panel testing is important
  • How to advocate for yourself and your baby
  • What to do during pregnancy if you already know you have a thyroid problem
  • Aviva’s go-to supplements to reduce anti-thyroid antibodies

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