Natural MD Radio: What Thyroid Labs Should You Ask For?

Did you know that just a few years ago, the main level of TSH (the main thyroid hormone we check to see if there’s a thyroid problem) had to be over 10 to be diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

That threshold has now been brought down to 4.8. And there’s still controversy about whether that’s low enough.

Today I’m talking about what thyroid labs I run to diagnose patients and what labs you should ask for if you suspect you might have a thyroid problem.

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“Only about half of Americans with a thyroid problem know that they have one.” – Aviva Romm

Show Notes:

  • Statistically, hypothyroidism is an under diagnosed condition
  • Why so many doctors are hesitant to do a thyroid workup
  • What is the thyroid?
  • What happens when your thyroid isn’t functioning optimally
  • The major symptoms of hypothyroidism
  • Six key tests that can unlock the mystery of your thyroid function
  • Why you may want to see an endocrinologist or a functional medicine doctor

“So many women are left believing that their symptoms of depression, fatigue, joint aches, weakness, weight gain, and more are all in their head.” – Aviva Romm

  • The controversy of a “normal” TSH level
  • Why so many women that have thyroid problems don’t get diagnosed
  • What are T3 and T4
  • Why I often also test for a deficiency in iodine
  • It’s also important to look for environmental factors
  • You are your body’s expert
  • Why your doctor may be trying to keep you from being over diagnosed

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“As a doctor I can tell you that, in medical school, we’re taught that doctors know best. This is often not the case.” – Aviva Romm

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