Natural MD Radio: Why You Should Know About Your Thyroid

“Because our thyroids have such a central and significant impact on our hormonal function, having a slow thyroid can cause really dramatic impacts on our hormonal wellbeing.” – Dr. Aviva Romm

Instead of starting this year off with some juicy, sexy topic, I want to do something different. This month is thyroid awareness month and of course I wanted to do something for that.

Now, not many organs have an entire month dedicated to them, so it got me thinking about why the thyroid is so important for women? Listen in as I talk about thyroid basics – what exactly your thyroid is and what it does, what are some symptoms of Hashimoto’s and hypothyroidism, and why thyroid problems are under-diagnosed in women.

 Show Notes:

  • What is the thyroid
  • What your thyroid does
  • The symptoms of a slow functioning thyroid
  • Why thyroid problems can be mistaken for depression
  • How symptoms of thyroid problems get dismissed
  • Why women are often not heard by doctors
  • Why thyroid problems are under-diagnosed
  • How to know if you have a thyroid problem
  • Should you get tested for thyroid problems?

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