Natural MD Radio: Hypothyroidism – Have You Been Dismissed or Misunderstood?


Your thyroid – a little butterfly-shaped gland in your neck – is responsible for controlling your energy and metabolism. Thyroid disease affects an estimated 40 million Americans, and nearly 90% of these are women. Studies show that 1 in 8 women can expect to develop hypothyroidism in her lifetime.

It’s not just because hypothyroidism affects primarily women, and so many of us, that it’s a feminist issue. It’s a feminist issue because an exorbitant number of women suffer with this condition for years before getting a proper diagnosis or treatment, are dismissed and made to feel that it’s in their heads, told that it should be less of a problem than they’re making it out to be, or that their symptoms would be in their control if they just changed their lifestyle (or attitude).

In this episode, I discuss how to recognize the symptoms of hypothyroidism, why the medical community is ignoring this epidemic, why hypothyroidism is a feminist issue, and what we can do to change the story.

Show Notes

  • What is hypothyroidism and who is at risk
  • What is Hashimoto’s disease
  • Why physicians don’t believe women’s symptoms
  • The risks of untreated thyroid problems
  • The gender bias that persists in medicine today
  • Why the medical community is ignoring this epidemic
  • What we can do to change the story

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Why are doctors not being savy about this. What kind of doctor addresses these problems. Mine is not learned in this field. Everyone is treated for something else. If i didnt tell my doctor that i wanted a parathryroid blood test i would never have been diagnosed and just told i was nuts. Many times i said it was my thyroid but blood tests were normal. We have to research more and find a cure cause yes it can kill you over time left untreated. Help us. Just taking synthroid is just a bandaide.

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Riva Preil

This was wonderful- thank you!