Natural MD Radio: Herbal Alternatives to Antibiotic Resistance

There’s no doubt about it – antibiotics are a darned good thing. They save lives every day. But are they as safe as they are common? Or have we over-prescribed ourselves right into a potential Zombie apocalypse situation? The answer is sort of – Yes.

In this episode of Natural MD Radio, we dive into one of the largest global public health threats facing us today — antibiotic resistance. The overprescribing of antibiotics to us, and the overuse of antibiotics in the food industry which end up on our plates, has created resistant strains of bacteria that no longer respond to antibiotics that used to effectively treat certain infections.

Tune in to learn why antibiotics get overprescribed, what each of us can do to help stop this trend, and my 8 go-to herbal antibiotic alternatives for common infections.

Show Notes

  • The overwhelming data of antibiotic overuse
  • Why antibiotics get prescribed so often
  • Antibiotics in food
  • Often overlooked reactions to antibiotics
  • Today’s largest global health threat
  • Antibiotics and chronic disease
  • Why don’t doctors stop prescribing?
  • What you can do to stay healthy without antibiotics
  • 8 safe & effective herbal antibiotic alternatives

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My daughter turned me on to your podcasts. I listen to numerous episodes at a time when I’m on long drives. I have Hashimoto . Your teaching me so much and I will next be buying your book & can’t wait to get reading it (Adrenals & Thyroid). Meditation is also a new therapy I’ve recently incorporated in my lifestyle. Thank you for your honest, informative educational based program that you deliver in the sweetest most appealing, upbeat voice that truely helps me listen and digest all you say over a long period of time. Thanks Marge


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    Tracy Romm