Natural MD Radio: Natural Remedies for Kids’ Ear Infections

If you have kids, you’ve probably had experience with ear infections. 90% of all kids will have a middle ear infection, or otitis media, at some point before they reach school age. With fall creeping up on us, the season when I get the most calls and visits about ear infections, it’s the perfect time to dig into this topic. But if you have kids, you also know ear infections can happen any time. So the information in this article is perennially helpful.

In this episode, I talk about otitis media – middle ear infections, which are the most common kind and the ones that generally lead to an antibiotic prescription, what to do if your child gets one, when to go to the doctor, and how to navigate the confusion of when your child does or doesn’t need an antibiotic. And I share my favorite tried-and-true prevention tips and home remedies to treat ear infections the natural way.

I hope this episode helps to dispel some of your concerns and worries, and empowers you to know what to do when this all-too-common situation arises.

Show Notes

  • Why ear infections are on the rise
  • The problem with ear infections
  • What is antibiotic resistance
  • Side effects of antibiotics use
  • Long-term risks of antibiotic overuse
  • Why antibiotics are overprescribed
  • What you can do to keep your doctor from prescribing antibiotics
  • The 5 symptoms that mean it’s time to visit your doctor
  • The watch-and-wait approach
  • When antibiotics really are necessary
  • My 6 surefire tips for preventing ear infections
  • My favorite natural remedies for treating ear infections

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Hi Dr. Romm, My 21 month old daughter was just prescribed her 5th antibiotic from the NP at the pediatrician. I reached out to my aunt who sent me the link to your page and I am so grateful for this information and to get started taking better care of these ear infections and symptoms. Thank you so much. Joyce Herold