Natural MD Radio: Baby’s Microbiome – Right From the Start

“From the time of birth the microbiome influences the development of our immune system, and when it’s disrupted we run the risk of all manner of inflammatory and allergic conditions.” – Aviva Romm –

Today we’re talking about protecting your baby’s microbiome right from the start. I know this topic is close to the hearts of so many of you, so I want to talk about how you can help your baby from the very beginning. In this episode I focus on the exposures that can put your baby’s microbiome at risk and things you can do to protect your baby during pregnancy, birth, and for your newborn.

Show Notes

  • What is the microbiome
  • What factors can interfere with a healthy microbiome
  • How to protect baby before birth
  • The value of taking a probiotic during pregnancy
  • What to do if you have to take an antibiotic during pregnancy
  • What is Group B Strep
  • What to do about the cesarean epidemic
  • How to protect baby after birth
  • What is vaginal seeding
  • Why moms have to stop blaming themselves


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Lyra Hosford

This was great but I wished you would have touched on the overwhelming evidence that tells us that breastfeeding is the best way to protect the neonatal gut. I meet many women who are under the impression that using probiotic and or prebiotic could be just as good as breastfeeding.


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    Megan Liebmann

    Hi Lyra, You are so right! Aviva touches on this topic multiple times in her blogs and her programs. Warm wishes, Megan- Aviva Romm's Executive Assistant & Functional Health Coach


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I am pregnant and I have a ureaplasma infection - I've already had two rounds of antibiotics and it isn't working - mostly because they can't treat me with the antibiotic needed due to pregnancy. I'm really worried about the effect of these antibiotics on my baby. Thank you for this information - it is really helpful!


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Thank you, Aviva, for making these kind and caring suggestions. As a mom who has delivered my babies by c-section, I have encountered absurdly cruel comments regarding the way I birthed my children and it's refreshing to see a true medical professional and healer encourage moms, regardless of how they bring their babies into the world, and direct them in the best ways they can achieve optimal health.


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Erin Wills

Thank you, Aviva. I am 16 weeks pregnant and I have had two rounds of antibiotics for a ureaplasma infection and I am so worried about the impact on the baby. I really appreciate the advice here!


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Aviva mentioned you can only get Klaire labs infant probiotic from a doctor, but I've ordered it off Amazon before. Does this mean it isn't a reputable source, should I be concerned?


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    hi Liz, Great question! There's some controversy about ordering supplements from Amazon - some are apparently authorized for sale there (for example, my upcoming adaptogen line is) while other's aren't. not sure about Klaire so perhaps a call to their customer service to be sure? But likely totally fine and I'm glad they're available! Warmly, Aviva