WOOT Your Own Horn, Manifest Gently, and Do Yoga at 90: New Year’s Musings and Inspiration

Sitting here watching the snow falling outside of my dining room window. Giant flakes the size of quarters. Drifting down slowly. It’s still, peaceful. I feel inspired, stilled, by the energy of it. I welcome this feeling because with the New Year upon me, my past MO has been to find myself somewhat stressfully reflecting on and tallying up what I didn’t get done that I’d hoped to accomplish over the preceding 12 months, and busily creating my ambitious project list for the upcoming year.

As we transition from 2012 to 2013, I am choosing a new way of reflecting and creating than what I have just described. Something more in harmony with my feminine self. Less driven, more flowing. I am taking a self-appreciating, gentle, creative approach. I am going to Woot My Own Horn and Manifest GentlyI am excited to share this with you.

I invite you to find a quiet 30 minutes in your day today, and try these inspiring practices. You will surely enter 2013 with a greater appreciation for yourself, and a gentle, inner flame of inspiration carrying you into the year ahead.

Woot your own horn: Ok, sisters, rather than recount what you did not accomplish this past year, take 15 minutes to honor  all that you did get done – things large and small that remind you just how amazing and effective you are. Did you take care of your home and family in the midst of economic uncertainty? Get your education? Start a business? Hold a door open for an elderly person at the grocery store? Call your mom, sister, or friend in need or just to say “I love you?” Were you just a really decent person in a crazy world?

Write down all of your accomplishments on a beautiful piece of paper or write a letter to yourself telling you just how amazing it is that you did X, Y and Z this year.

Take a minute to revel in yourself.

Hold onto this paper and look at it again and again this year.

I am going to tell myself the story of the beautiful things that I have experienced, accomplished, and have had the blessing to be part of. Such as midwifing my granddaughter’s birth, my trip to Haiti, a donation to Bumi Sahat, accepting a position on an international midwifery organization’s board, growing my women’s herbal course which is now graced by nearly 350 amazing women, being a caring mom, mother-in-law and grandmom, caring deeply about each of my patients, finishing residency as an intact powerhouse woman (TRIPLE WOOT!), and getting hand-picked for a job as the new doctor in Mark Hyman’s practice.

Yes, I am going to WOOT my horn!!! I want to hear you WOOT YOURS! It is a sure-fire cure for self-doubt, ladies!

Manifest gently: I am making a radical departure from my Type A, goal driven self by setting no time pressures or externally driven goals for 2013, i.e., nothing like “I am going to accomplish this or that at this and that time.” Rather I am touching in deeply on how I want to feel and what I desire to create this year. And THAT is the place from where I am going to manifest. Yes, I will be manifesting a ton as always, but from a softer place.

How do I want to feel? Soft, intuitive, inspired, gentle, secure, generous, connected, authentic, bold, prosperous, flexible and flowing in my body, mind, and spirit, smart, and bad-ass. I am going to make it part of my practice to do something every day to keep me in touch with these feelings.

Check out these yogis in their 90’s. I am going to look at these pictures often to remind me of many of these qualities! And remember:

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” – C.S. Lewis

What do I desire to create? Inspiring, powerful, effective, creative women’s and children’s healing models that are of great service to you, to our world. Not from a place of inner pressure to accomplish, but because I love the feeling of service and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the work I get to do!

I hope you will join me…

I invite you to make a cup of tea this morning and grab a bit of quiet time, or light a candle and have a glass of wine this evening and:

1. Write down 5 things you’ve done/experienced this year that you are really proud of. If you have a longer list, please, keep writing! WOOT your horn, sisters! LOUDLY!

2. Write down 2 things that you would like to feel this year: it can be anything – freedom, prosperity, peace, safety, passion, creativity, loved, more loving, happy, healthy, you name it. And for those 2 things, write down how you will manifest these as part of your daily practice.

Happy New Year!!! I can’t wait to bring you so much information and inspiration in 2013. It’s going to be an amazing journey together!

Oh, and heck yeah, let me know what you’re proud of and what you’re dreamin’ of manifesting. Let us all knowWoot your horn and share your dreams in the comments below! Sharing those dreams is one step closer to manifesting them! 


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I'm excited to see what the new me will bring in 2013.Thank you, Dr. Romm for the push into a new healthier me,Janet M.


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This was a wonderful treat in my email this morning. Great way to start my day!~


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Sheila Eckel

Aviva, once again thanks for the inspiration especially as we head into a new year...I am so excited about you becoming a part of Dr Hymans practice!!!! He is one of my idols. I had the pleasure of meeting him when he was in CA doing the KQED program.Congratulations! It warms my heart to be a part of a movement to help people heal instead of leaving them to accept illness. Happy New Year! Sheila N Cal.


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Sheila Eckel

Hello all, I wanted to share the link to a really wonderful site, Bioneers, the link is part of the womens leadership they offer through the organization...I have not read the book but am ordering it as a new years gift to myself! http://www.bioneers.org/programs/cultivating-womens-leadership Hope you find it interesting too! Sheila N Cal


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I always open open the blinds so we can watch the snow falling. it's very relaxing and my kids also love it! It seems like that's how we are going to end the year here in Missouri. I always heard family members and friends say that the way you end a year that's how the following year is going to be like. Although I am not sure if that's how it really works, today I am going to woot my own horn and be grateful for what I have and not worry about what I did not get! Happy New Year!


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Thank you for this lovely idea! Compliments are too few and far between, especially of ourselves. So as a background this year I gave birth to my 3rd child who survived a brain injury to due infection in utero my world was blown apart and my heart broken but I have learned so much and I am so blessed that he is the sweetest happiest loving little person. I have learned that I am much stronger than I ever imagined. ok so here is what I am proud of myself for 1) LETTING GO of A LOT OF THINGS that were so near and dear to my heart 2) loving my son for who he is and seeing past any labels but just seeing MY SON when I look at him 3)for pushing through my loooongest labor yet (how do they keep getting longer?!?) 4) for seeing myself worthy enough to take care of myself every day so I am well even though I have had days where I did not want to move 5) and for not quitting/closing my dance studio but pushing through so I can bless my students


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Ellen Mary

WOOTING the 7th Nursin New Years in my life! Coming here to celebrate something that I take for granted & even hide. <3 Thx Aviva!