I remember well how lovely — and emotionally tumultuous — those first days, weeks, and months as a new momma can be, whether it’s your first baby or your fourth! I am sure I cried more than once over spilled milk–my own! I also know as how overlooked the importance of postpartum care is in our culture. New moms need care and support to adjust to the myriad challenges facing them after birth: changing body image, lifestyle, work arrangements, and relationships. In this book I share insights into how to make this crucial time for mom, baby, and the family a happy one. I provide essential advice for preparing for the postpartum period, coping during the first few days after the birth, establishing a successful breast-feeding relationship, getting enough rest, eating well even with a hectic schedule. Natural Health after Birth addresses your need to stay healthy (and sane!) while you nurture your baby. This book is a great gift to yourself and for the new-moms-to-be in your life!

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Thirty years ago, when I had my babies, we were rediscovering natural birth and breastfeeding. But, we struggled alone during postpartum. If I had been able to read Aviva’s book then, I would have cried less. Every new mother should have a copy of this book.

— Peggy O’Mara, publisher of Mothering magazine

Destined to have widespread appeal for its compassionate and wise advice. Thank you, Aviva, for so much vital information in one volume.

— Jeannine Parvati Baker / author of Prenatal Yoga and Natural Childbirth

Finally, a book that addresses an aspect of birthing that has been forgotten in the Western world. This book should make a valuable contribution not only to women, but to the whole family.

— Mary Bove, N.D. / author of An Encyclopedia of Natural Healing for Children and Infants

This is a superb and much-needed book that should help and support all postpartum mothers.

— Suzanne Arms / award-winning photojournalist and author of Immaculate Deception II: Myth, Magic & Birth

I should start by saying your have written the BEST books on pregnancy, birth, natural childcare and herbalism. I have read and reread several and refer them to people, daily!

— Laura

I had to write you and tell you how much I’m enjoying your book. There’s so many times I say out loud, “Yes, Yes, Yes,” regarding your wonderful insights and general thoughts about postpartum recovery.

— Valerie LM.