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In medical school, your doctor was taught that the secret to weight loss was fewer calories and more exercise. WRONG!

For so many people, weight loss is much more complicated. We know that not all calories are created equal, and that for some people, too much exercise can actually be counterproductive and lead to weight gain. Lastly, we also know that inflammation can be a major factor involved in difficulty losing weight, but also in weight gain.

Joining me this week I’ve got my friend and colleague, celebrity nutrition and fitness expert JJ Virgin. Today JJ and I are talking about how food intolerances could be causing your weight gain, joint pain, and even age acceleration – yikes! Listen in as she gets you started on crushing your sugar cravings and conquering your food intolerances.

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“I believe that we are our own best health detective.” – JJ Virgin

Show Notes:

  • The symptoms of food intolerance
  • Why you should start with an elimination diet
  • The toxicity of gluten
  • Why unstable blood sugar levels leads to crazy cravings
  • The terrible cycle of inflammation and weight gain
  • You should add before you take away
  • How a taste for sour can help you get rid of a taste for sweet

“Trying to fight hunger and cravings with willpower just never works.” – JJ Virgin

  • The moderation myth
  • Why craving can mean intolerance
  • How empowering it can be to step away from certain foods
  • Why you need to weigh yourself daily
  • The change starts with what’s at the end of your fork
  • The importance of changing your mindset

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“If you do not believe that you’re worth it, that you’re actually great where you are right now, if you aren’t there mentally then you won’t take good care of yourself.” – JJ Virgin



  1. JJ Virgin gives us informative and realistic nutritional guidance. The energy that you both share with the audience made this so much fun to listen to. Thanks Aviva!

  2. in the podcast you guys were giving substitutions, but never gave a substitution for corn. corn is my substitute for chips and flour tortillas. if I buy corn, I always try to get “non-gmo” organic corn products. what’s the harm with that if you’re only eating it occasionally?

  3. What if your goal is to gain weight? So many of these healthy diets tote losing weight as one of the outcomes..but I am underweight. Can the JJ diet work for me too?

    • Hi Amanda, While I’m sure a lot of readers will think I wish I had her problem, both from my own experience after one of my kids was born (I dropped down to 100 pounds and had to gain weight) and from many patients, I get how gaining weight can be tough. Reasons for being underweight as as variable as reasons for being overweight and can include everything from intestinal fat absorption problems to inflammation to HYPERthyroidism. Getting tested for the latter is essentially important! But yes, for some people, food intolerances can keep you from having good intestinal absorption. This is especially common with TRUE celiac disease. The JJ program isn’t the first thing I’d try in your case — unless you’ve already been tested for hyperthyroid — I’d do that first if you have other symptoms — but it is a good way to get to the root of food intolerances that might be contributing. Best wishes! Aviva

  4. Loving your new podcast! I did have some questions about the information provided in this one – specifically one about corn and soy. I haven’t read the book yet, so the additional information may be included there, but in the podcast, JJ alluded that the major problems with both of these foods are that they are GMO. I do understand that each person needs to eliminate and test for food intolerances for themselves, but do you think that making sure you are only sourcing organic, non-GMO corn and soy is a better option? For example, we have access to locally grown, organic, non-GMO, heirloom dried corn that we grind ourselves and use for polenta, etc. Would this be less likely to cause food intolerances, or is there something more problematic with corn itself? I can’t figure out if the problems stem from the food or what we have done to it over time. Thanks for your insight.

    • Hi Andrea,

      This is Megan from Dr. Aviva’s team. thank your for your GREAT question as I know it can be super confusing! Corn is tricky as it sneaks in in places that we may not expect (baking powder for example) or even in the meats we eat if the animals were fed corn. We don’t know for sure unless you call the company wether the corn is non-GMO. In general YES organic is always going to be better (and, how amazing that you grind it yourself!), but to truly know if your system reacts to corn, it’s best to work with an elimination diet first. I hope this help!

      Megan- Dr. Aviva Romm Nutritionist

  5. This was great information – I learned so much and it inspired me to try the diet -had a question – lemons came up on my food sensitivity test and I have always squeezed a lemon into my morning water daily – have you heard of lemons being a problem? I’m not sure if I should stop them. Thanks for all the advice.

    • Hi Debra,

      For some people yes! Lemons (or Citrus) can be a problem. Best to touch base with a nutritionist or your doctor to ensure that you are doing what is best for your system!

      Megan-Aviva Romm’s Executive Assistant and Online Nutrition Expert

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