Natural MD Radio: Feeding Kids Gluten Free and Healthy on a Budget with Elaine De Santos

If you’re like so many parents out there, you are likely trying to get your kids to eat healthier. If your child has a food sensitivity, allergy, or a behavioral problem that can be helped with food, it can be even more challenging and important for you to adjust your family’s eating. So how do you make the changes you want?

With me today is my friend and colleague Elaine De Santos. Elaine was a frustrated stay at home mom who became a family health revolutionary and a certified transformational nutrition coach after dealing with the health issues of her family members.

Elaine experienced an immune system breakdown of her own that was a result of being overstressed and overtired from caring for her own sick family. She then founded Family for Health and Healthy Family Meal Plans. Elaine’s goal is to help families get healthier one meal at a time so that they’re better together and can stay healthy for life.

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“What I didn’t know was those choices that I was making – reheating those boxes, going through those drive throughs, and waiting for delivery – I didn’t know that I was making this problem worse for my family.” – Elaine De Santos

Show Notes:

  • How her family’s health led her on a journey
  • Why she decided to look into non-traditional medicine
  • What happened when her family did food allergy testing
  • Her return to eating real food and using food as medicine
  • Why you have to help yourself first
  • The value of listening to your intuition
  • How to slow down and take time
  • Focus on making plan

“I think that as we get really busy and overwhelmed, we don’t tap into ourselves.” – Elaine De Santos

  • Why you should cook more
  • The value of eating seasonally
  • How to take it one meal at a time
  • The important of setting your children up with healthy habits
  • Why you should cook in batches
  • You have to do what works for you and your family
  • Why she incorporates spirituality into her coaching
  • The importance of gratitude

“Another really good way to save money is to eat seasonally.” – Elaine De Santos

3 Top Tips for Feeding Your Family on a Budget:

  1. Have a plan
  2. Eat seasonally and go to your farmers market
  3. Batch cook

Links Mentioned:

“When you don’t have to think about it, when it’s just something you can automatically do, then it’s easier to stick with the plan.” – Elaine De Santos

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Preniah Lafeuillee MD

Awesome job Elaine! Dr. Aviva is also one of my favorites when it comes to healthy living for my kids. Appreciate the advice you both shared today!