My courses and online programs give you the tools you need to take back your health, from understanding your symptoms or condition, to the foods, natural supplements, herbs and lifestyle changes that make a difference and can help you feel like yourself again, or help you help your child to an optimally healthy life.  Whether you’re new to natural healing, or are wanting to learn more, these courses are all created from the real plans and protocols I use in my own life, and in my medical practice.

Women’s Health Courses

Live Well. I Dare Ya! What’s that take? Find the solutions to the root causes that are holding you back from health, and with it keeping you from living your best life.

Natural Children’s Health Courses

We all want what’s best for our kids, and many of us realize that this is not always just what conventional medicine has to offer. As a mom myself, now of four grown children, and a Yale trained medical doctor, I get how confusing it is to sort through the overwhelming amount of information out there on how to keep your kids healthy naturally. What natural approaches really work? When should you call the doctor? What natural remedies are safe to use at home – and when?

It takes a lot of time and energy to figure all of this out,  and if there’s one thing that few of us have extra of, it’s time – or energy – when we’re busy raising kids!My children’s health online courses give you a break from having to figure it out alone. They bring you the accurate information and the natural children’s health solutions you’ve been looking for. I make it my job to bring you peace of mind &
reliable information so you can relax about your child’s health.

Professional Courses