Making Peace with the Changing Vaccination Landscape

In recent years increasing numbers of parents in economically affluent countries, and especially the United States, have chosen to avoid vaccinations for their children. Even though disease rates have remained relatively low, strident debates in the public sphere have erupted which aren't helpful to parents trying to interpret lots of conflicting information about vaccine safety. The flames of this conflict have been further fanned as states, spurred by recent measles outbreaks, are changing laws to remove clauses which previously provided a way for parents to opt-out from vaccine schedules and still send their kids to schools. So what's a thoughtful parent to do?

The diseases against which vaccinations are designed to protect are very real. As you'll hear, I've seen them with my own eyes. The questions that parents have about vaccine safety are also real, and when there is a lack of transparency about vaccine risks – and when there is legal and financial protection against adverse reactions for the vaccine manufacturers as well – there can be no informed consent.

In this episode of Natural MD Radio I share both my own story as I weighed whether to vaccinate my own four children in the late 1980s and early 1990s, as well as my experience as a healthcare provider, first as a homebirth midwife and then as a medical doctor. I also share links where you can find information about catch-up schedules, and some guidance on what to do – and avoid – if you are now choosing to implement vaccinations for any reason, including being able to send your kids to school in the absence of vaccine exemptions.

Show Notes

  • My story – my kids, myself, midwifery practice, medical school and practice
  • The history of vaccinations
  • Citizen activism and improvements to vaccines
  • Impact on children of other environmental exposures
  • Changing US laws regarding vaccinations
  • Questions from parents who have written to me
  • Catch up vaccination schedules
  • Medical waivers
  • The potential risk of using Tylenol for vaccination reactions
  • Is homeopathic immunization effective?
  • Do nothing that alters the immune systems
  • Titers: pros and cons
  • Don't infuse fear in children

Links Mentioned

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Thank you Aviva. Its refreshing to hear a considered discussion on this topic that can and often is highly emotive, which only makes this area even more difficult to navigate. What I love is that you are not telling anyone what to do, but simply presenting the facts. You are so right about the circulation of fear with this topic and passing this fear onto children and other adults as well. This also needs to be considered as to the effect on another persons wellbeing.


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Michelle Russo

Thank you for this incredibly informative episode, Aviva


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Sharon Bozarth

I've been following you for many years and own many of your books, including the one on vaccinations. I live in a state that is currently in the process of eliminating the personal and religious exemptions for vaccinations for school attendance. Your podcast brought tears to my eyes as this has been a super emotional issue for me. I've honestly been waiting for you to address this issue on your show. Thanks for doing so. We have a lot to consider...


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Susan Biddle

Is there any article in which your views on vaccination is discussed? I do not have an apple device to listen to the podcast. I have 3 children who are vaccine injured, and it is very important to me to know someone's views on this issue before I consider accepting their advice. Thank you.


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    Tracy Romm

    You can also listen to the podcast on Spotify or Google Podcasts, or even on this website - there is a player on the page at You don't have to use an Apple device to listen.